CSR Statement
TAYA Groups is committed to stepping up and taking the responsibility. We are committed to creating low-emission products and reducing of our environmental impact, and we are committed to serving our communities.
Vincent Lin, VP of TAYA Groups said, “I am a strong believer that green materials are the future of the large format printing industry. When we launched the first KAVALAN products at FESPA Hamburg 2017, we knew we were set to revolutionise the industry’s material usage, encourage a greener lifestyle, and inspire real change. And it’s only the beginning.”
TAYA signed an official Memorandum of Understanding with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), initiating a partnership dedicated promoting sustainable development goals. This is a milestone collaboration for the industry and a solid declaration of our clear vision and ambitious goals for the future.
Environmental Sustainability
Aiming to be sustainable – KAVALAN
The need for a clean, green alternative to PVC that delivers on performance, quality, and price has been evident for many years. KAVALAN is the answer to that challenge – a game-changing product, but also a mission to step up and do the right thing, a call to action for all of us to preserve the environment for future generations. Will you join the movement?
Kavalan has the following properties :   
· Biodegradable coating
· Tear-resistant 
· Flame-retardant
· Suitable for welding
At the end of their lives, PVC products, even those billed as recyclable, still end up in landfill in some form, with no commercially available methods to recover any of the original PVC.
“When it comes to making decisions, often the choice is between doing what is easy, and doing what is right. Wanting to take the easy route sometimes is human nature. But with KAVALAN, finally making the right choice and making the easy choice are one and the same – it’s never been easier to do the right thing, so follow our lead and be a part of KAVALAN’s green revolution.” - Vincent Lin, VP of TAYA Groups
KAVALAN, designed with responsible end-of-life disposal at its core, is different. A world-first in 100% clean large format media for the printing industry, KAVALAN’S complete biodegradability not only means no harmful toxins are produced during the disposal process, but also that waste resources are able to be converted into energy, generating heat and electricity that further benefits our planet.
TAYA’s sustainability mission isn’t limited to the KAVALAN range – every office, factory area, and employee is committed to reducing carbon emissions.
From our temperature control policy to our sustainable water circulation system, from our energy-saving solar panels to our pledge to use only green packaging materials, as well as our company initiative to reject single-use plastic entitled: ‘Let’s Fight the Plastic War Together’, we are creating a low-carbon, pollution-free ecosystem to be proud of.
Inclusive Workplace
Health & Safety in the Workplace
TAYA is dedicated to creating a workplace that is free from harm, and the health, safety, and happiness of employees comes above all else. To reduce injury on the factory floor for example, our implementation of forklifts greatly diminishes risk as well as boosting logistics efficiencies and improving the working environment.
Friendly & Diversified Workplace
TAYA Groups strictly adheres to International Human Rights conventions, and we are proud of our diverse and inclusive working environment. We are fiercely committed to equality and the rights of our workers, and ensure all employees are treated equally and fairly.
Social Integration
Academic Education
Since 2018, the company has provided scholarships and stipends for the Department of Fibre and Composite Materials in Feng Chia University. The aim is to encourage university graduates to put their own ideas and academic knowledge to use for the future of the printing and textile industry.
Supporting Sports Events
· KAVALAN provides PVC-free printed materials for the advertising banners of the UK Premiership Football team, Wolves, at Molineux. With all the attention that sporting events bring, we hope to further promote the green trend and unite us in a common sustainable goal through sport.
· While countries all over the world are taking strict measures against the COVID pandemic, Taya sponsored the Tainan International Dragon Boat Festival Competition. Kavalan’s Sunlight product as the basis for an uplifting advertising banner in Taiwan in 2020. At the same time, the company also sponsored students’ training at the local National Cheng Kung University, another fantastic opportunity to draw on the energy and vitality of sport.
Social Integration
· Donate blood and convey love
To do our part in combatting the blood shortage, Taya participates in blood donation activities each year, bringing our community together to give back to society.
· TAYA also contributed its efforts to assist the reconstruction of Taiwan after a devastating earthquake occurred in Taiwan in 2018. Taya Groups offered financial support to help post-disaster reconstruction and recovery, as well as pledging to find additional ways to help more those experiencing pain and loss due to this tragic disaster.
· Donated protective masks to COVID-19 affected countries
In view of the severe global COVID-19 pandemic, Taya Groups has focused on various social services since the onset of the crisis in 2020. We keep in regular contact with our partners to offer support, as well as donating protective masks whenever possible. The donation of masks. We stand with our partners, colleagues, and friends all over the world as we work together to overcome the effects of the virus.