KAVALAN PVC-Free Pledge for the Planet – Four Things We Learned

In early September 2021, KAVALAN unveiled a powerful call to action in the fight against climate catastrophe, launching the KAVALAN PVC-Free Pledge for the Planet. It isn’t a typical corporate video. It doesn’t make for easy watching. But it is a story that needs to be told, and contains crucial information that needs to be heard. In this article, we have summarised four stand-out insights from the sobering short film.


No more greenwashing

Unfortunately, ‘greenwashing’ is still prevalent in the banner industry and beyond. However, as environmental catastrophe worsens, we are no longer standing for, or blindly trusting, the environmental claims of businesses and brands. As outlined in the PVC-Free Pledge for the Planet, ‘businesses can no longer scroll the word recyclable on a product and get away with it’. Every product has a story, and whoever the users are, they won’t settle for anything but the full picture. 


Transparency matters

The PVC-Free Pledge for the Planet provides useful insight into tackling the greenwash problem. The KAVALAN range backs up its eco-friendly claims with hard scientific data from the rigorous Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) process its products have undergone, proving unequivocally that the use of KAVALAN provides significant eco savings when compared to its PVC counterparts. This data has been expertly adapted into easily understandable, ‘real life’ statistics, and the KAVALAN Eco Calculator helps customers show their clients just how much KAVALAN can help their sustainability goals as well as the planet. 


Crisis is closer than you might think

The KAVALAN PVC-Free Pledge for the Planet doesn’t sugar coat the facts. Global temperatures are rising, fast, and is conclusively linked to increases in CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. A water crisis is a genuine threat, and if current trends endure, demand for water will exceed supply by 40% in 2030, leading to higher mortality rates, and an increase in international tension and conflict. We all know we need to do our bit to fight against climate change, but really considering the facts can be tough. 


Going PVC-free makes a real difference

Faced with the grave reality, it can feel as if an act like switching from PVC to PVC-free materials is just a drop in the ocean. If the entire sales of PVC banner equivalent in Europe in 2018 were replaced by KAVALAN Sunlight 300, it could have saved enough fresh water for almost 4 million people for one year. Just 10,000 square metres of KAVALAN Sunlight Light will save enough fossil fuel to power a BMW three on 12 return journeys between London and Paris. Just 10,000 square metres of KAVALAN Spiderweb 300 would save the carcinogenic equivalent of 10.4 million packs of cigarettes, the equivalent of 552 years of life. That doesn’t sound like a drop in the ocean, does it? 


Watch the full video of the KAVALAN PVC-Free Pledge for the Planet.
KAVALAN’s commitment is to providing high-quality, high performance materials that protect the environment and play a part in securing the future of our planet. Go PVC-free, go for Kavalan!

Join us on our green journey now. 

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